From Concept to Launch: We Guide Your Tech Journey with Expert Development.

Boston's trusted tech partner, driving startup success through custom web, mobile apps & games development and monetization.

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About Us

Unlock your success with Seekkr, the tech key that lets your startup visions take flight. We craft custom apps and games that fuel momentum and watch your business soar. At Seekkr, we code your vision into reality. Dream it, code it, launch it. Your success is our craft.

  • Focus on bespoke software solutions: Highlighting our ability to tailor-make software to fit each client's unique needs and goals.
  • Emphasize innovation and technology: Showcasing our expertise in cutting-edge technologies and methodologies.
  • Transparent pricing models: Clearly communicating costs and pricing structures to build trust and avoid surprises.

Don't let your spark fade. Seekkr ignites tech ideas with proven launch expertise. Get free feedback, expert recommendations, and a clear pricing path, just like we've done for many of ambitious startups over the past 12+ years. Light the fire for your project now and join the ranks of our successful launches!

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Happy Clients success measured in cheers, not just charts

Projects Completed strong partnerships, countless possibilities, let's build ours

Years of Experience let our experience be your guide, together we'll build something extraordinary

Stars Rated we don't just aim for five stars, we capture constellations of them

Our Services

Future-proof your business, adapt with ease: Scalable and custom solutions built for tomorrow.

Mobile Apps & Games

From pixels to profits, we build mobile wonders. Captivate users, unlock revenue streams, dominate the app store.

Custom Web Solutions

Your vision, our expertise. Together, we'll help build the web presence that defines your brand and robust solutions.

AI Driven Solutions

We are AI Partner for many towards Modern Tech Advancement: Skills, Strategies, and Success.

Monetization Strategies

We help turn players into paymasters: Expert monetization strategies to supercharge your app or game revenue.

We Offer Full-stack Engineering

From ideation to implementation, we provide the strategic insights and technical support to navigate your business journey.

Brainstorming and Refining Ideas

Stuck in ideation limbo? We're your creative launchpad. Breathe life into your vision, refine it with expertise, and watch it take flight. Our proven process and expert opinion can help you with consolidating raw ideas and turn them into polished visionary products.

UI/UX Design and Prototyping

We craft pixel-perfect interfaces that guide intuition, not frustration. We obsess over UX, prototyping designs that feel as natural as thought. We bridge the gap between vision and reality, prototyping with an HCI-focused eye for seamless user journeys.

Develop, Deploy and Scale

Efficiency through agility. We leverage iterative development to ensure predictable delivery, smooth deployments, and scalable solutions. Our iterative development approach optimizes performance, minimizes risk, and delivers solutions built for sustainable scaling.

Monetization and Marketing

Captivate audiences, convert players, and conquer charts. We ignite your mobile app or game with expert monetization and marketing strategies. Engage, retain, thrive. From in-app purchases to targeted ads, we craft the perfect monetization mix for your app's success.

Our Development Process

Faster feedback, quicker wins. Agile development drives results, fueled by your input.


Flexible & Transparent Pricing

No surprises, just clear and flexible pricing for your future that grows with you. Start simple, scale seamlessly.

Fixed Cost Projects

Fixed budget, infinite possibilities. We build your dream team, manage the journey, and deliver on-time, on-budget. Launch faster, stress-free. Idea for small to medium sized projects or MVPs.

Hourly Contracts

Uncharted projects, agile solutions. Scale your team as your vision evolves, pay by the hour, refine with ease. Suitable for the projects where scope is not clear but will ovolve over time.

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Ready to ditch the generic? Seekkr crafts software that's as unique as you are, aligning with your vision and values, not just your bottom line. Let's turn your dreams into pixels, one thoughtful line of code at a time. Reach out today and let's start building something extraordinary, together.

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